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 Celebrated Alumni

Those who are Seminary Graduates and hold or have held high or prominent position in public ministry in Pastoral office, Teaching, Lecturing, Evangelization, Authorship or other recognized work in Missions, Aid Organizations, Military Chaplaincy, or the major publishing of Christian Religious Literary Material or Global Christian Media:

Revd. Dr. S. Gene Bailey Ph.D. (Justin, Texas, USA)

Revd. Dr. Ruth M. Bailey D.D. (Conyers, Georgia, USA)

Revd. Dr. Sidney E. Bailey D.D. (Conyers, Georgia, USA. Passed to Glory)

Revd. Dr. James Daryl Chesser Ph.D. (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

Revd. Dr. Deborah Chesser D.D. (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

Revd. Marshall Cross Dip.Th. (Wishaw, Scotland, UK)

Revd. Leonard Davies B.D. (Ystradgynlis, Powys, South Wales UK)

Revd. Dr. David P. Griffiths D.D., Ph.D. (Rhos on Sea, Conwy, North Wales, UK)

Revd. Dr. E. M. Lindsay Griffiths D.Min., Ph.D. (Rhos on Sea, North Wales UK)

Revd. Dr. Stephen J. Houston D.D., Ph.D. (Chippenham, Wiltshire England, UK)

Revd. Dr. Jan McNutt D.Min. (Ft. Worth, Texas, USA)

Revd. Dr. David M. Owen D.D., Ph.D. (Ystalyfera, Powys, South Wales, UK)

Revd. Barry S. Scott B.D. (Hilmarton, Wiltshire, England, UK)

Sister. Rita A. Scott B.D. (Hilmarton, Wiltshire, England, UK)

Those in Ministry that the Wesleyan Methodist Church recognizes as having fellowship with:                                                   

Revd. Dr. Alma Jean Chesser D.D. (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

Sister Joan Haines Dip.Th. (Marlborough, England, UK)

Revd. Brian Jouxson Dip.Th. (Bassonia, South Africa)

Sister Thea Jouxson (Bassonia, South Africa)

Revd. Dr. James Linzey D.D. (Escondido, California, USA)

Revd. Dr. Verna M. Linzey D.D. deceased (Escondido, California, USA)

Revd. Dr. William K. Mackie D.D., Th.D. (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)


Organizations directly connected with the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Independent Methodist Theological Seminary;                                                                      

The Independent Methodist Bible Institutes.

The Jacobus Arminius Centre for Theological Study. EU

The Independent Methodist Theological Seminary USA

The World Conference of the Wesleyan or Independent Methodist Church



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